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Tourism Morotai Island – Morotai is one of the outside islands in Indonesia. The beauty of this island is very popular with the local people. This island has its history plot. You can reveal its beauty by having a package of Tourism Morotai Island. There will be more fun things to do there.

Some Activities to Do in Morotai Island

If you come to Morotai Island, you can do more activities. Firstly, you can explore its maritime activity list. This island is surrounded by a group of small islands. The tourists will admire and enjoy the beauty of this island and underwater life because it is rich of coral reefs and species of the fishes. Another thing to do is swimming. You can select more diving places around the island such as Tanjung Sabatai Point, Saminyamau, Tanjung Hayabusa, Dodola Point, and Batu Layar Point.

Those diving points have a clean sea water look and beautiful coral reefs. You will see a striking view. One of the favorite diving places is a shipwreck. In this place, you can dive the ship of World War II. The Morotai Island also has many rests of the US soldier during World War II. It becomes this island basis of the war because this island is strategic to attach the enemies.

Tourists Attractions in Morotai Island

If you want to do Tourism Morotai Island, you should visit some following tourist attractions. Those are so beautiful and memorable to explore.

Rorasa Beach

There are many local people living there. Most of the people come from the local village, Buho Buho. The beach is crowded at noon. The visitors can enjoy a sunset panorama. They should come with friends, kids, and family on this island. They even can talk to foreigners and have a good relationship. This beach is quiet on weekdays. The best time to visit this beach is a holiday or weekend. Sometimes, there are groups of the tour. This is caused that this beach is famous. This beach is suitable for relaxing but it becomes the best place to enjoy fresh coconut. Some local people help tourists to get the green coconut. This is tasty and delicious. To increase its taste, you can add some sugar or chocolate. Some love to add syrup.

The fun activities are photography. You can explore Rorasa Beach by taking photographs. During a bright day, the tourists must take some pictures here. The better camera can produce a better result. This depends on the photography skills. To get a better light, you should choose a manual technique. The best object is coral reefs. This is a brand of Rorasa Beach. This beach provides a spacious background for selfies and photography purposes.

Tabailenge Island

The green sea and blue water is a trademark of Tabailenge Island. The beach is quiet and natural. Tabailenge looks small. There is a small forest in the center of the island. Some tourists surely love to explore it. When you arrive at the line of the beach, the white sand is so gentle. The tourists can play around this beach. The blue sky boosts your mood and makes you cozy to spend more times there.

To have a memorable experience there, you should play water. You can swim and enjoy the warm water. Snorkeling possibly happens. This is an easy way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater. This is a hidden island and no people living there. It is close to the wild nature making you freely explore it. Those are some things to do in Tourism Morotai Island.

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