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Open Trip Morotai – Open Trip Morotai will be a fun holiday activity to do. If you get tired and bored with your daily activities, you can have a holiday in Morotai, Ternate, North Maluku. Despite getting confused about inviting someone on a fun holiday, you should join an open trip. You can get new friends and have a memorable holiday and trip experience on this beautiful island.

Enjoying a Morotai Island with New Experience and Friends

For four days three nights in this Open Trip Morotai, you can be spoiled by some options of nature enchantment in Morotai. The view of nature is so epic. You can enjoy an afternoon situation and atmosphere in Morotai with an open trip. You can explore Zum – Zum Island, Island Hoping, City Tour Morotai, Kolorai Island, and Dodola Island. You can get involved in snorkeling to see the enchantment and beauties of the cool underwater.

In addition, you will get involved in a historical tourism trip to Tolukko Wall being a historical remain of Portuguese since 1540. Visiting Angus Stone to be the rest of Gamalama Mountain in 1673 will be included in the list of your tourism tour and trip agenda. It will be fun if you have a holiday in Lake Tolire in which the depth has been measured yet. Based on ancestors, the depth of the lake is about kilometers and connecting directly to the sea. The uniqueness of this lake is if you throw something to the lake strongly with a stone or a good, it will never reach the water of the lake. Meanwhile, when you throw it in the edge of the lake, you will see your legs in the lake water.

The memorable experience will be enjoyed by spending some money for two months about Rp. 5.000.000,-. The cost rate is included in the airplane ticket from Ternate to Morotai a round trip plane ticket. The hotel is also based on your choices, bus and minivan meet a standard of the tour and travel, eating, and private speedboat. It also includes a tour guide, snack, entrance fee, two bottles of mineral water per a day. It is so complete and fun to join.

Fun Activities to Do in Morotai Island

There are some fun activities to do in Morotai. You can include these activities in an open trip in Morotai. You can enjoy the joy of surfing in Tanjung Sopi. Tanjung Sopi is very popular in the surfing world currently. There are many international tourists coming to Sophie village in the northmost area of Morotai Island to do exercises of surfing and many surfers stay in a local people house because it is not available inns and hotels in the island. You can dive to explore Morotai Sea. A diving spot in Morotai reaches 28 spots and even more. In Morotai Sea, it is not available of beautiful coral reefs with some colorful fishes.

Enjoying a sunset view of Morotai can be another fun activity to do. You can enjoy it while visiting a Morotai Island. It has a spot to see a sunset on this beautiful island. You can explore the deep blue sea of Morotai Sea. It has an amazing sea water area that can be explored on the ship. Then, you can play sand in Dodola Island. This island has a spacious white sand area making you satisfied to play it. After you get satisfied with playing sand, you can take photographs and selfies with Dodola Island background. This will be an unforgettable experience during Open Trip Morotai.

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