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Morotai Trip – There are three ways to go to Morotai Island. You can choose a land transportation route, air transportation, and water transportation. Both types of the transportation modes have the traveling time differences. These are some routes to reach Morotai Island. You can consider it before having Morotai Trip.

Choices of Morotai Trip Routes

Through an air transportation route, you can reach Morotai Island quickly. You can fly with the airplane to go to Ternate There is an airplane transiting to Manado but some airplane airlines are flying directly to Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate. The flying time from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Sam Ratulangi, Manado spending time for four hours. It is continued to go to Ternate for 40 minutes.

Actually, you can continue Morotai Trip with the air transportation again. Nevertheless, it is only Susi Air having a route to go to Morotai Island. It is only twice a week. Though the tourists can use a water transportation option if they want to go to Morotai. KM Geovani and ships from Ahmad Yani Port usually depart about 8.00 in the night and arrived in Imam Lastori Port, South Morotai at 06.00 in the morning. There is also an access of the sea ship from Bitung and Manado to Morotai. The cost of the ship from Ternate to Morotai is usually about Rp. 275.000,- per person.

Meanwhile, for the land transportation route, you can drive down your car from Ternate you can go to Sofifi. Then, continue your trip with your car to Tobelo. After that, you should drive it to reach Morotai. The traveling time total is about four hours.  Those options of transportation modes can be chosen for reaching this beautiful island.

The Beauty of Morotai Trip Island

A small island in the edge of Maluku is called Morotai. It is a strategic island close to Palau and Philippines. The location is strategic making Japan and the US made a military base in this area. The historical rest in the past can be found on this island. This is rich in the historical values but it has 53 islands in Morotai. Most of the islands are quiet and still natural. Thus, it makes the beauty of maritime so tempting and making you visit Morotai Island. Moreover, you can explore the beauty of Morotai’s underwater with the historical goods of World War II. However, the access to Morotai is limited. It makes a problem of a Morotai tourism.

Some Other Options to Morotai Trip Island

There are some options to reach Morotai. Despite air, water, and land transportation, you can select the other route options. You can do direct accommodation from Ternate. From Ahmad Yani Port, Ternate, you can take a ship to Morotai with one night trip with the price rate of Rp. 160.000. The indirect route can be conducted from Ternate via Halmahera. From the Kota Baru Port, you can choose a speedboat to Sofifi with 45 minutes and price rate for Rp. 50.000. From Sofifi, you should take a public transportation from Tobelo with 4 – hours time with the price rate of Rp. 90.000,-.

From Tobelo, you take a speedboat to Morotai with one hour time with the price rate of Rp. 100.000,00. You may select a ship or Ferry ship with different price rates and the traveling times. From Manado, Sam Ratulangi Airport, you can take Wings Air, Manado – Tobelo or Manado Port with KM Geovani. After you reach Morotai, you must be ready with no many hotels and inns available there. However, you can rent a room from local people renting their houses. You can bargain the price. Those are some ways on having Morotai Trip.

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