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Morotai Tourism – Morotai is an island located in North Maluku Province located in the northmost area. The Morotai Island is famous for its maritime tourism, nature, and history. This attracts the attention of international tourists to visit this place. Morotai tourism is always a right place for your holiday.

The Unique Beauty of Morotai Tourism

Though Morotai Island is not famous as Lombok Island and Bali, Morotai Island is the outside island in Indonesia having its uniqueness to attract the local and international tourists. The beauty and uniqueness of the sea biota become the main interest for the island. In addition, Morotai Island becomes a focal point for local and international tourists because it becomes a defensive place for the past World War.

The History of Morotai Island

Exploring Morotai Island is not complete without revealing its history. Morotai Island has a strategic location bordered to the Pacific Ocean and Philippine. The strategic location becomes Morotai Island the defensive place for Japan military to empower Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. In World War II, Morotai Island becomes a defend basis of Japan. It creates some historical goods left as the rest of the World War. Those can be a great joy of Morotai Tourism.

Some Tourism Objects in Morotai Island

For the people located in North Maluku, it is not complete to leave this island without visiting some tourism places of Morotai Island. These are some following tourist objects to visit.

Sumsum Island

This is a recommended tourism place to visit. This island has a high-value history about World War II. This island is often called as Zum – Zum being a basis and rest place for Jendral Douglas Mac Arthur. It can be seen by its name statue and statue of Mac Arthur in this island. You will see a white sand area with pebbles and clean water. There are some things to see in Sum Sum Island.

You can see the ruins of Mac Arthur’s house. It saves high historical values. You will see a commando cave and a transit place for amphibious tanks. The print of helipad is located in the coastal area. You will see a monument to Mac Arthur. This island is very close to Daruba as the capital of Morotai Island. You can visit this island with a speedboat.

Ngelengele Island

A tourism object of Morotai Island that must be visited is Ngelegele Island. It is an interesting island. There are many interesting things to find on this island. You will see a real fisherman life developing pearl and fish. If you visit this place, you will see a line of pails bonded strongly and floating in the coastal area to be a place for developing fishes. It also has beautiful beaches. It has a soft white sand area that is suitable for a photo spot to explore this island.

Dodola Island

Dodola Island has an enchanting sea beauty. It is not surprising that the local government calls it to be a pearl in the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The uniqueness of this island is a big Dodola Island and small Dodola Island separated from the sea when it is receding. You will get amazed by the beauty of the white sand area, small waves, and clean blue sea water. It makes the island become more romantic if you come with your partners and family on this island. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea biota by snorkeling, swimming, or fishing. You can access it easily just spending for minutes to get there. Those are some objects to visit in Morotai Tourism.

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